Who are we?

- A mystical kingdom with paranormal scents -

We make scented candles, home fragrances and cosmetics inspired by the world of occultism, literature, witchcraft, and ancient myths.

We create unique fragrances that have the power to evoke powerful memories, to drop you in the middle of a cemetery, an old bookstore or a dark forest. We specialize in building worlds through unusual atmospheric scent combinations and pairing them with eloquent, vintage and magically designed labels.

Our candles are made from the highest quality 100% natural biodegradable soy wax. Thanks to their 100% vegetable composition, they do not emit toxic or polluting substances during their combustion. Their wooden wicks bring a cozy effect, offering a comforting crackle.

All our products are vegan, not tested on animals, without paraffin, parabens, GMOs, pesticides and other harmful components found in traditional cosmetics and candles.

We are passionate about sustainable business practices and have nearly 100% biodegradable and/or reusable packaging.

Light And Bubble.

Our name combines two words easily linked to our universe and our products. Symbolized by a flame on our logo, Light represents the fire and the light emitted by our candles. Bubble has several meanings. In witchcraft and magic, bubbles stand for protection, psychic powers, and whimsical creativity. On the other hand, it is also a symbol of purification because they are related to soap bubbles. Light And Bubble because we are convinced that a crackling scented candle and a bubble bath are two inseparable elements!

Light And Bubble was founded by Flora Lopez under a full moon in May 2017 in Gland, Switzerland. All our products are entirely handcrafted in our production workshop in Gland.

Standards and Regulations

All our cosmetics comply with European regulation (EC) n°1223/2009 and have all been tested in the laboratory. Various stability and microbiological tests are carried out on all our cosmetics by approved chemists. All our ambience products comply with CLP labeling (Classification, Labeling and Packaging).